Price & Pierce Sweden is a part of Price & Pierce OY and belongs to a worldwide corporation formed by Japan Pulp & Paper, Japan and Gould Paper Corporation, USA. Together the companies form the largest independent distributor of paper and pulp in the world.

Price & Pierce Sweden represents the corporate global initiative of establishing viable long term and sustainable business into the Sub Saharan and South African markets. Africa represents the strongest growth market in the world for paper, packaging and pulp. The forecast for the African continent calls for the highest population growth in all global markets at a rate of 2.3% annually and with a GDP growth twice this as high as the global average through 2025.

The corporations leading position in world markets in combination with our world class financial solutions together with our deep local knowledge of the African market, enables us to extend a very attractive and unique value proposition to our supply chain partners.

Calle Rendahl, Managing Director P&P Sweden

Price & Pierce Finland